Geranium Garden Ring / Gold

53,900 yen
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「尊敬」を意味する紫のゼラニウムの庭をイメージした豪華なデザインリング。形の違うラウンドが華やかに手元を彩る。 集中力と決断力を高めるアメジスト、 明るいエネルギーを放つ「幸運の石」シトリン、夢の実現を補助するグリーンオニキスを添えて。



This gorgeous design ring is inspired by a garden of purple geraniums, which means "respect." The differently shaped rounds decorate the hand beautifully. Amethyst enhances concentration and decisiveness. Citrine, the "lucky stone" that radiates bright energy, and green onyx that helps dreams come true.

・Gold Vermeil

※Vermeil method is used in this product, which is composed of a layer of 18k gold