Black Berry Earrings / Gold

41,800 yen
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「思いやり」を意味するブラックベリーをモチーフに。人々の生活に身近な果樹を優しく包むようなデザインに。  魔除けとしても用いられる強い守護力とヒーリング効果のあるスモーキークォーツを施して。



The motif of this piece is the blackberry, which means "compassion". The design gently wraps around the fruit tree that is familiar to our lives. Black spinel stone is used in this product, which has a strong protective power and able to ward off evil. Also, brings strength and passion to overcome obstacles.

・Gold Vermeil

※Vermeil method is used in this product, which is composed of a layer of 18k gold